The Other Kingdoms: Delano Dunn | Elias Mung'ora | Paul Onditi | Wole Lagunju

8 July - 4 August 2022


Consider the other kingdoms. The

trees, for example, with their mellow-sounding

titles: oak, aspen, willow.

Or the snow, for which the peoples of the north

have dozens of words to describe its

different arrivals. Or the creatures, with their

thick fur, their shy and wordless gaze. Their

infallible sense of what their lives

are meant to be. Thus the world

grows rich, grows wild, and you too,

grow rich, grow sweetly wild, as you too

were born to be.


Excerpt From: Mary Oliver. “Devotions.” 




The exhibition “The Other Kingdoms” explores the idea of human interaction with the physical world. Focusing on artworks that portray figures who freely travel in-between reality and other realms, the show offers alternative methods of interpreting our shared reality. A multitude of images—a chair left on a carpet, a voyager encountering the unknown ground of greens, the fading body in water-–blur the line between subject and environment. The outside world is no longer a separate entity. Instead, the external becomes integrated into the interior of the subject. This re-examination of our positions in space and time made a meditative experience of the now possible, we step away from reality for once, in the hope of entering the other kingdoms.