Supper Club

Art is meant to be experienced. It is our mission to ensure art is not just seen on white walls - we want to foster a sense of place and community for our artists and collectors, delivering a unique opportunity to meet our artists, forge meaningful relationships with them and others, and have an immersive encounter with the work.


Introducing the Montague Contemporary Supper Club Series, a bespoke series of supper clubs held around the world in unexpected and breathtaking venues, where attendees can engage artists firsthand, meet other enthusiasts and collectors, and dine on an inspired meal from a celebrity chef. 


Come join us for an inspired evening of contemporary African cuisine and art - as we travel the globe from New York to London to Dakar to Nairobi setting a family style table and bringing contemporary African art to the world.  


  • Build Community

    Build Community

    Our Supper Club series is one of the few places where interested collectors can meet like-minded collectors, pick the brains of curators and industry professionals, and become friends with a new artist that you can also become invested in. 

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