Until My Veins Collapse (States of Emergency): Thameur Mejri | Musée d'art Contemporain Lyon

11 February - 10 July 2022

We are thrilled to announce the first institutional show for our very own Thameur Mejri at Le Musée d'art Contemporain Lyon. Entitled "Until My Veins Collapse (States of Emergency)" features both existing and newly commissioned large scale murals and drawings in his classic deconstruction style. In the words of MACLyons:


"Through his drawings, vast compositions on stretched or floating canvases as well as murals, Thameur Mejri’s works question the notions of humanism and the construction of human beings on a social scale, by representing several paradoxes that emerge from political and cultural practices.


With a certain degree of violence, whether in terms of the composition of his paintings or in the pictorial vocabulary used, the artist attempts to deconstruct the mechanisms of power and control put in place by the political, economic, cultural and religious systems in Tunisia and by extension, in North Africa.


His precise and prolific iconography constitutes a device critical of our relationship with the objects and symbols that surround us in daily life and which impose, whether consciously or not, certain forms of alienation."


Co-curated by the exceptionally talented Salma Tuqan (@stuqan) from the Delfina Foundation and independent curator Matthieu Lelièvre (@matthieu_lelievre), the exhibition runs until July 10, 2022.


DM or email info@montaguecontemporary.com for more information.


Images courtesy of Blaise Adilon.