Epheas Maposa Zimbabwe, b. 1994

Epheas Maposa (b. 1994, Harare, Zimbabwe)


Epheas Maposa is an artist focused on notions of hybridity and the liminality between juxtaposed worlds, cultures, and allegiances. This narrative is expressed visually through his interpretation of our bodies, where our social and political drama’s manifest in both primordial or otherworldly figures.  His poetic use of color establishes a call to action, reminding us of our primordial and most essential life lines - while they may support all of our cruel and chaotic machinations, they also provide sustenance for all life to exist. His dreamlike canvases weave a tale that is self-reflective and beg for the audience to take pause on how our conflicts impact humanity at large. 


A self-taught painter since the age of five, Maposa joined Village Unhu in 2013 where he has worked closely with and developed under Georgina Maxim and Misheck Masamvu. Since joining Village Unhu, Maposa has exhibited widely, including shows at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Gallery Delta, FNB Art Fair, Cape Town Art Fair, 31 Project, Art Paris, and 1-54 Contemporary Art Fair among others. In 2019, he won second place at the Emerging Painting Invitations Pan-African art prize.