Amanda Shingirai Mushate

Having completed her studies at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe Visual Arts

Studio in 2016, Mushate has been a resident at Chinembiri Studios and working

under the mentorship of Gresham Tapiwa Nyaude to develop a vibrant and unique

personal vision and modes of expression.


Like any young person, Mushate is preoccupied with finding her place and path in this world and negotiating the complexity of interpersonal relationships in that process. Drawing her inspiration from people around her but not wanting to be constrained by overt figuration, she paints and sculpt her happiness and burdens, and the things that she takes time to visualize.


The artwork is a way for me to write about a ‘future’ for me and for all individuals for them to never be overshadowed by negative in uences that divert us to our true purpose in life.” Having only had her first solo exhibition in early 2018, Mushate is already attracting significant collector and critical attention in Zimbabwe and internationally.